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Plant optimisation training now available in Australia

Human reliability software solutions provider, PAS, has launched of PAS University. The new training division at the company will provide industrial education to better equip personnel to help optimise plant operations.

In Australia, PAS University courses will be offered in Gladstone, Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and other selected locations in the country. The courses in Brisbane and Melbourne will be conducted by PAS partner, Apex Optimisation, based in South Australia.

Training courses will be offered in: Alarm Management; Control Loop Optimization; High Performance HMI; Cyber Security; Change Management; PAS Software Products.

PAS offers the industry’s only Alarm Management Certified Professional (AMCP) training series. The objective is to boost operator situational-awareness and abnormal-situation-response time, and effectiveness by coupling smart HP-HMI design with effective Alarm Management.

PAS University has launched an e-Campus where customers who subscribe to training have access to hundreds of hours of training videos on PAS software.

The campus allows companies to have multiple logins to access training videos and monitor which videos individuals have audited. If customers choose, they can take a test on the video to receive course credits. After customers receives 40 course credits, they receive a PAS University Designation.

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