In a pinch, duct tape is a flexible solution

duct tape

When it comes to duct tapes, the possibilities for applications are endless. Yet, one thing is for certain – a good quality duct tape should be able to hold anything together long enough to get the job done.

The original duct tape was developed during World War II to seal ammunition cases and were presumably given the name for the original “duck tape” material used in their production.

Tape pioneer 3M was the first to use duct tapes as a solution for its namesake: as a heat-resistant duct tape for heating ducts, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) applications. Over time, as experts in the science of adhesives, 3M has done extensive research and development to introduce duct tape to a much wider variety of applications.

Today, duct tape is frequently used as a solution in areas of repair and maintenance for industrial equipment. This includes grain harvesting equipment such as conveyers, hoppers, augers, grain vacuums, bunkers, and silos.

The 3M Heavy Duty Duct Tape products, available in Heavy and Extra-Heavy durability options are constructed from unique materials that allow for temporary or permanent solutions for repairs that are imminent or require a bit of flexibility.

This is particularly important during the harvest season where a stop in production could cost the farmers additional labour time and potentially loss of valuable product. Since the material being moved is organic food product, there is no room for error. As such, operators must move quickly or risk losses.

To achieve optimal results during harvest season, farmers must work on preventative maintenance by selecting the right products and solutions for their operation. They can do this by consulting with some of CBC’s experts like Michael Rowe.

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