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Pilz visualisation and diagnostics open and easy

Visualisation and diagnostics are seamlessly interconnected with the introduction of PASvisu, a web based visualisation solution from Pilz that connects directly with Pilz’s configurable controllers – PNOZmulti, or the controller of your choice.

Simplifying error detection can minimise downtime with this easy to use and understand visual representation of your plant. PASvisu Builder is what will enable the visualisation to be created and configured simply using the pre-built tiles that link directly with the safety functions within the PNOZmulti controller and the error list.

Selectable styles via CSS3 provide a uniform, consistent image across the project at the click of a mouse. Pre-defined graphic input and display elements called tiles provide all the relevant properties, such as prefix, suffix and error status.

There is no need to create and group individual elements manually. Tiles are positioned on the configuration page simply via a drag and drop interface, and then configured with the relevant data.

As a variable name is being typed in, the variable is automatically identified and simultaneously linked to the tile. This way projects are created quickly and without error.

Any time there is a change in the automation project the PASvisu Builder indicates the project needs to be re-synchronised. The tool then automatically updates the list of variables and functions that it can use, this way users can ensure they are always working with the latest project.

Online and offline simulation are both possible with configuration using a special offline variable editor that can be used to set and display values.

For all systems – not just Pilz controllers

Along with PNOZmulti, PASvisu also works directly with automation system PSS 4000, and because it utilises open OPC UA communication, other compatible controllers can be integrated as well. This means not only Pilz devices can make use of the simple configuration PASvisu provides.

Access to all the data in an automation project, including all process variables and OPC namespaces, means there is no need to enter and assign variables manually, a process that is prone to errors. Information such as the project’s check sum or the firmware version of the controller can also be obtained and displayed.

Remote access via web

PASvisu uses the latest standardised Internet technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.

JavaScript can be used to expand the functionality of the visualisation projects: pre-defined JavaScripts are available for calculations and scaling which significantly shortens engineering times and ultimately save costs.

As HTML5 is used, access is cross-platform and possible with almost any device such as a PC, tablet or smartphone using the web browser. This facilitates remote maintenance that is based on genuine Client-Server functionality and can help to reduce downtime.

Pre-loaded HMIs from Pilz

Pilz has a range of HMIs (Pilz Human Machine Interfaces) that come pre-loaded and licenced with the PASvisu runtime environment to ensure ease of setup.

The PMIvisu capacitive displays come in two sizes: 7 inch (800×400 widescreen) or 12 inch (1280×800 widescreen), and include the PMI Assistant for simple configuration and management.

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