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Pilz PSENscan safety laser scanner

The PSENscan safety laser scanners from Pilz are now also suitable for area guarding in vertical applications, eg, for access protection. PSENscan applications can now be designed with greater flexibility, which minimises downtimes and increases cost-effectiveness.

Due to integrated muting inputs, applications can now be monitored in which material is simultaneously transported in and out. The material is detected by the safety laser scanner and it can cross the protected field without deceleration of the conveyor. This will avoid downtime and increase productivity.

With the PSENscan Light, Master and Slave versions users can monitor up to 70 switchable configurations and up to three separate zones simultaneously. Up to four safety laser scanners can be connected in series, thus reducing the cabling and set-up work considerably. The warning fields and protected fields are freely configurable. With its compact housing, PSENscan can be integrated flexibly into various applications.

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