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Pilz launches robot safety course

Pilz Australia has introduced a new robotic safety training course that aims to provide robotic systems integrators with a comprehensive understanding of the essential requirements of robot safety.

Pilz has observed a significant growth in the use of robots in Australia, as the relative cost of robots decrease and companies search for improvements in operational costs and efficiencies, leading to a rising demand for robotic safety systems.

Designed for technical personnel responsible for ensuring robotic system compliance, Pilz’s one-day course will familiarise participants with the risks associated with the use of robotic systems, and how to achieve safety while maintaining productivity.

Highlights of the course include understanding best practice standards such as ISO 10218 and AS 4024.3301 – Robots for Industrial Environments – Safety Requirements; risk assessment in robotic cells, common hazards and controls and robotic safeguarding techniques; and applying the correct strategy to ensure right first time engineering.

Pilz Managing Director Scott Moffat explains that the course seeks to address safety issues associated with robotic systems, given their increasing use in manufacturing. Pilz’s new Robot Safety course will enable participants to create safer robotic systems and reduce accidents.

Pilz has also upgraded their safe 3D camera system, SafetyEYE that allows users to program various levels of danger zones, letting the worker interact more closely with the robot without compromising safety. The new version of SafetyEYE has an improved application range and higher resolution making it suitable for a wider range of installations.

The course is recommended for organisations installing robots for the first time or looking to strengthen safety systems associated with robots.

Schedule of Pilz’s Robot Safety course:

Melbourne – 13 August 2014

Sydney – 24 September 2014

Brisbane – 3 March 2015

Adelaide – 18 June 2015

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