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Photon Machines agrees to license and sell XRF Scientific’s Spectrolaser

XRF Scientific has entered into an agreement with Photon Machines to license and sell the Spectrolaser system.

The Spectrolaser system was developed by XRF’s subsidiary Laser Analysis Technologies.

Photon Machines specialises in the development and commercialisation of laser-based instrumentation. According to XRF, the US-based company’s decision to license its product is an endorsement of the technology.

Photon Machines will have a 20 year license to use the IP developed by Laser Analysis Technologies, with a sliding scale of royalty payments based upon sales of Spectrolasers.

A sale agreement is in place whereby a price of US$400,000 is agreed, payable by way of royalties, with a minimum royalty payment of US$200,000 within 30 months.

The Spectrolaser will be suited in applications where rapid multi-elemental measurements are required.

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