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Phoenix Contact releases phase monitoring relays for high temperature areas

Phoenix Contact introduces the new EMD-SL-PH-690 phase monitoring relays for high
temperature areas.

The phase monitoring relay has
been developed to promptly detect deviations in system parameters in areas with
high ambient temperatures to ensure the required system efficiency and

The new phase monitoring relays from
Phoenix Contact are designed to monitor the electrical parameters for phase
sequence and failure as well as under-voltage in applications involving ambient
temperatures up to 70°C.

The EMD-SL-PH-690 phase monitoring relays can be
used in three-phase networks of 690 V AC thanks to the high monitoring and
measuring range. Measuring just 22.5mm in width, the monitoring relay comes in a
narrow, space-saving housing. The relay is UL listed and can be used worldwide,
especially in the USA and Canada.

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