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Phoenix Contact extends serial device server range for extreme fields of application

Phoenix Contact has extended its
FL COM-Server serial device server portfolio with the introduction of two
special versions featuring an extended temperature and supply voltage range.

COM servers are designed for the
smooth integration of devices with serial interfaces into Ethernet networks.
The two new serial device servers from Phoenix Contact are suitable for
temperature ranges from -40°C to +70°C and offer a supply voltage range from 12
to 30 V AC/DC. The devices enable easy configuration via web-based management.

Existing serial devices can be
made network-capable using the reasonably-priced basic version for storing
serial interfaces in the network via the virtual COM port. The universal
version also works as a Modbus gateway allowing serial Modbus RTU/ASCII systems
to be easily converted to Modbus/TCP and vice versa. This enables existing
serial Modbus devices to be conveniently networked with modern Modbus/TCP

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