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Phoenix Contact adds multi conductor pluggable terminals for fast starts

Phoenix Contact has introduced new pluggable terminals featuring up to six contact points to their Combi product range.

The new PT 2.5-HEXA multi-conductor terminals can be configured as three push-in contacts for internal wiring and three pin contacts for pluggable external wiring. This flexibility allows fast starting up of modular system sections as well as fast replacement of system components during servicing.

By offering up to six contact points, the terminals are particularly suitable as compact, pluggable marshalling distributors.

Key features and benefits of PT 2.5-HEXA multi-conductor terminals include large, identically contoured labelling surfaces with end mounting to facilitate easy-to-read matrix labelling; touch-proof design of both terminal and plug connectors ensuring components are safe; and double pluggable bridge shaft additionally facilitating simple voltage distribution and marshalling.

Different types of plug connectors can be used thanks to the universal Combi plug zone. Individual coding increases the wiring safety and reliability as it helps to avoid erroneous plugging.

An extensive range of optional snap-on accessories such as connector catch mechanisms, strain relief elements, and shield connections available with the terminals ensures the wiring process is fully versatile.

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