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Pentair opens new actuator configuration centre

Pentair Valves & Controls have announced they are opening a new Biffi piston actuator assembly and configuration centre in Nowra, NSW.

The centre will focus on customers in the Pacific market.

It will offer design, testing, installation and commissioning on the full line of Biffi-brand pneumatic actuators and control panels.

“With our facility in Wangara, Eagle Farm, and now in Nowra, Pentair Valves & Controls Australia is well prepared to serve the demanding Australian market with a range of local products and services,” the company’s development manager Alberto Provini said.

The centre provides Australian and New Zealand industrial customers access to pneumatic piston rack and pinion scotch yoke, spring return actuators and control panels.

Locally manufactured pistons of up to 30,000 Nm in more than 30 different spring/cylinder combinations will be available with less turnaround times.

“This new investment in the Pacific market is a significant leap in our ability to provide flexibility, added value, and new services to every aspect of a customer’s control system,” the company’s manager Rafael Koenig said.

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