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Pearson Packaging Systems joins Rockwell network

The manufacturer of secondary packaging machinery has accepted membership in the recently-launched machine builder sector of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program.

As a Machine Builder partner, Pearson expects to increase its global market awareness with Rockwell Automation and depth of technical expertise in applying Rockwell Automation products, including the Integrated Architecture control and information system.

“Pearson is committed to offering our customers high-quality machinery solutions for their secondary packaging operations,” said Michael A. Senske, president and CEO, Pearson Packaging Systems. “By partnering with Rockwell Automation, we can assure that our customers are receiving the most technologically advanced systems available.”

The Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork program includes more than 5,600 specialists in industries, applications, geographies, technologies and services around the world. The network has been developed to harness the knowledge and flexibility needed to respond to rapid change and shifting demand across a complete range of manufacturing disciplines.

The machine builder sector of the PartnerNetwork program is focused on expanding machine builders’ global potential to help grow business and drive customer loyalty. By joining the PartnerNetwork machine builder sector, Pearson will benefit from engineering consultation on new machines and machine redesigns using extensive Rockwell Automation content, as well as co-funded, machine-centric sales and marketing collateral development.

“By providing our partners with a variety of technical and marketing tools, we can help machine builders increase their profitability and achieve long-term growth,” said Christopher Zei, vice president and general manager, OEM Business, Rockwell Automation. “With partners like Pearson, we can build a collective competitive advantage.”

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