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Partnership eases deployment of remote environmental monitoring

Madison Technologies and CoastalCOMS have partnered in developing a turnkey environmental and security monitoring solution.

The solution incorporates Madison hardware technology (Rapid Deployment Camera) and CoastalCOMS’ core platform (federated cloud solution), which are designed to be deployed anywhere in the world without the need for any fixed cabling infrastructure.

Environmental monitoring consists of two main components, video collection and data sampling (water or air). The main benefit being that these can be performed in remote areas, continually collecting real-time data, rather than single samples per day.

CoastalCOMS core platform then fuses the collected data from the Madison Rapid Deployment Camera with other real-time data sampling and weather information to provide an overall view of the environment and its changing conditions.

The solution incorporates real-time video streaming and storage saved locally or in the cloud – with secure viewing via a user’s computer, or smart device, such as a Samsung Galaxy tab/phone, Apple iPhone and iPad.

CoastalCOMS has been performing environmental coastal monitoring across the world for nearly five years. Projects include environmental coastal monitoring and shoreline detection for the Gold Coast City Council where the shoreline continuously monitors the movement of sand on its pristine beaches.

The same hosted camera platform is also preforming a vital surveillance job for the Queensland Fisheries Patrol by monitoring whales as they travel up the Gold Coast coastline for any entanglements in shark nets.

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