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Origin Energy Talinga Coal Seam Gas

Talinga Field, QLD

Origin Energy is a major Australasian integrated energy company involved in gas and oil exploration and production, energy retailing and power generation. The Talinga Coal Seam Gas (CSG) Field is one of the most recent gas field developments undertaken by Origin Energy CSG; the Talinga Gas gathering system is monitored and controlled by a fully-integrated SCADA solution specifically developed for CSG business. A process information solution is also integrated to the 1000+ site SCADA design which also allows for the support of various plant systems such as gas compression and water treatment. Pipelines are also part of the same SCADA.

Through a collaborative approach between Parasyn and Origin Energy CSG, the system design for the Talinga SCADA system was formed based on the needs of each of the key Origin Energy stakeholder groups.

The remoteness of the gas field provided communications challenges, which were overcome with detailed planning and leveraging of Digital IP Radio technology. Key results of the design include a SCADA system with area wide control and telemetry based monitoring capable of supporting a large number of production wells distributed over an area of 500 – 700km2.

With the culmination of high speed communications, intuitive and modern user interfaces, automated wellhead control and the data rich information provided through accurate and targeted data management, the Talinga development features one of the most advanced wellhead monitoring and control SCADA systems available. All invested parties were able to provide their input.

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