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Parameterisable power supply device

Phoenix Contact has released a parameterisable power supply with the launch of its fourth generation QUINT device.

The QUINT POWER IV offers all the robust power supply capability found in the QUINT III generation but includes a host of added features that allow the user to tailor the QUINT IV to suit their required output behaviour and preventative function monitoring.

The QUINT IV ensures the supply of continuous power to suit the exact needs of users because it is fully configurable.

Its output characteristics, signalling and voltage can be easily adjusted to the user’s exact requirements.

Components such as the output characteristic curve can be individually altered due to parameterisation via the integrated NFC interface using a smartphone.

Highly reliable, the integrated Selective Fuse Breaking (SFB) technology delivers six times the nominal current in up to 15 milliseconds and thereby selectively trips standard circuit breakers safely and quickly.

The QUNIT IV’s comprehensive and sophisticated diagnostics constantly monitor system-specific, critical operating states and report errors before faults occur.

In addition to providing no-load losses the device can be switched to an energy-saving sleep mode via the integrated remote input, saving both energy and money.

Robust and offering high reliability under extreme conditions, the QUINT IV has a low start up at -40°C and operates effectively in environments up to +70°C.

Easy to configure and compact, the QUINT IV is available in single and three-phase models and is designed for usage in the process industry, machine building, and energy and water industries.

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