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Paperless Recorder release

Automated Control and West Control Solutions have launched the DataVU 7 – a paperless recorder offering enhanced functionality together with the flexibility for seamless and efficient integration within a user’s application. 

The recorder is designed for use in industrial and scientific processes including food & beverage, laboratory and heat treatment.

The DataVU 7 provides the ability to view recorded data in multiple ways such as graphical and numerical representations via a high clarity TFT display. Three batch reports can be created simultaneously in the recorder. The batch data can be displayed on the recorder and within the Evaluation Software. 

The recorder can withstand humid or dusty conditions meeting the standard for IP65 ingress protection. The control knob has been practically designed so that a user can access recorder settings quickly even while wearing protective gloves. This durable recorder is ideally suited to challenging and harsh environments.

•    Up to 18 internal /24 external analog channels
•    Batch logging
•    Customisable presentation of data
•    Flexible reporting
•    Enhanced security
•    5.5” high quality color TFT display
•    Stainless steel fascia (option)
•    Robust and durable
•    IP65

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