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Panel PCs powered by 6th gen iCore processors

Having reliable equipment in automated plant is key to making sure that everything runs smoothly when the production process is in progress. Poorly performing equipment can have a knock-on effect that can lead to failure in other parts of the plant. This is why when choosing equipment to run and monitor plant it is advisable that vendors choose wisely.

Backplane Systems Technology has several products in its catalogue that meet the criteria expected of high-quality equipment in the automation space. This includes Aplex Technologies’ new ARCHMI-9XXA series of 12.1-inch to 32-inch Panel PCs, which are powered by Intel’s 6th generation of i5 and i3 iCore processors.

The ARCHMI-9XXA Series supports Intel’s 6th Generation Core i platform and is equipped with Intel HD graphics. It primarily upgrades while offering the balance of exceptional computing performance and power efficiency, which provides effective real-time monitoring and integrating data transmission.

Also, based on the perfect graphic experience, ARCHMI-9XXA enables users to control complex visual information action. Maintaining stability for continual operation is vital for factory automation. If something goes wrong within the system, it can not only lead to critical failure, but downtime. These kinds of issues not only cost a company money, but can have an impact on their reputation. This is why it is necessary to make sure that a panel PC has all the features that make it suitable for a factory’s automated system and why the ARCHMI-9XXA meets the demands on this type of working environment.

The device is capable of expanding the functionality by optional expansion I/O boards, in the TB-528 Series, including Mini-PCIe, CAN bus, POE, USB, and isolation I/O Modules. This improves competitive advantage through providing critical flexibility and expansibility for the variety of applications and requirements.

The ARCHMI-9XXA supports smart battery UPS module, so when facing power issues such as voltage spike or reduction in power input, it offers emergency power backup for up to 30 minutes which avoids data loss and protects equipment. This feature is something that some similar devices does not have. Power spikes occur at inopportune times. The emergency power back-up could be the difference between catastrophic power failure within a plant and allowing engineers and maintenance technicians to fix a problem that might arise.

On the threshold of industrial 4.0 revolutions, the ARCHMI-9XXA series supports wireless communication (3G/4G LTE/WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS), diverse I/O interfaces as well as a proprietary expansion slot for intelligent multi-tasking capabilities to meet customized application requirements.

Features of the series includes a PCT/resistive touch screen; 1 x SO-DIMM DDR4 slot that has up to 32GB storage, an IP66-compliant front bezel; easy accessible storage design; and an aluminium die-casting chassis.


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