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Panasonic PLC features large memory and high speed processor

Control Logic announces the release of a new range of programmable logic controllers from Panasonic into the Australian market.

Panasonic’s new FP7 Series programmable logic controller features a fast, 32 bit processor platform with a large adjustable memory capacity for program or data and a high-speed processor capable of 11 ns per step. The PLC’s compact form factor featuring a height of only 90mm incorporates all the functionality and performance of a modular PLC.

The FP7 is recommended for applications involving larger machine or plant control where I/O counts are high and more process orientated control is involved. Precise control is achieved with the new 16 bit analogue cards offering 25us per channel conversion rates and accuracy of 0.05%. A powerful Ethernet communications option allows for field I/O or devices to be integrated via Modbus TCP/IP.

Features such as direct connection of 24VDC to the processor eliminating the need for dedicated power supply units, and expansion units clipped together without the need for a backplane help reduce the cost of the PLC as well as the overall cost of the job due to the reduced footprint.

Key features of Panasonic’s new FP7 Series programmable logic controllers also include password protection for PLC programs; different security levels allowed to be set additionally to suit application requirements; ability of CPU unit to store two programs, eliminating the need for the SD memory card to return to a previously saved backup program in the event of a fault; and program operation allowed to be tested from the SD memory card without the need to download to PLC Run memory during development of a new program, or when updating a current one, reducing downtime on the production floor.

The IEC61131-3 compliant programming software has been updated to FPWIN Pro 7, and is compatible with all Panasonic FP family PLCs.

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