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Panasonic Micro Laser distance sensors from Control Logic with built-in amplifier

Control Logic announces the release of a new range of Micro Laser distance
sensors by Panasonic.

Featuring a built-in amplifier, the new distance sensors are available
in three sensing distances of 30mm, 50mm and 100mm, and are suited to
applications that require highly precise measurements in the order of 1/100 mm and
have a precision down to 10um.

A new optical system with a built-in mirror in the HG-C series distance sensors
allows for a more compact sensor and higher measurement accuracy compared to equivalent
displacement sensors, but at a much lower cost.

In addition to indicating measured values in mm, the sensor also
produces a 0-5V analogue voltage output to enable various calculations and
logging to be performed when the output is taken into a PLC or control system.

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