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Panasonic launches commercial ducted air con range

Panasonic Australia has announced its new 20kW High Static Pressure Ducted Air Conditioning unit, designed to provide medium to large commercial operations with enhanced installation flexibility through high static pressure and large air volume.

Joe De Bella, Product Marketing Manager – Air Conditioning, Panasonic Australia, said “The new 20kW High Static Ducted unit is designed with flexibility in mind for installers. The static pressure is selectable from as low as 72 Pa to 270 Pa, which enables the use of long ductwork for installation in a wide range of spaces. This is ideal for large-scale offices, restaurants and other facilities.”
Discharge air temperature is controlled by four sensors for accurate room temperature control and the reduction of drafts during heating. For greater efficiency, a new heat exchanger with an increased heat transfer surface can reduce the sensible cooling load by as much as 10 per cent.

Panasonic Inverter technology adjusts the compressor rotation speed to provide optimum performance at all times, enabling quick cooling and heating while reducing power consumption. The use of a variable speed DC fan motor also delivers significantly higher efficiency. The new model has an operating range of -20ºC to 46ºC.

For increased flexibility, the piping can be extended to 180 metres, providing a wider range of installation options.

Panasonic has a control solution to suit every application. The wired and wireless controllers allow control of an individual unit while the timer controllers allow central control including both daily and weekly timer operation.  The system controller allows the central control of up to 64 units, which can also be grouped into floors and zones. Panasonic’s new Intelligent Touch Screen Controller allows up to 256 indoor units to be monitored and controlled from one central point. 

The PC based P-AIMS software allows up to 1,024 indoor units to be controlled by a single PC, either on site or remotely. The software also allows load distribution monitoring to accurately record the amount of power used by each tenant. In addition, a more basic on/off wall controller allows a simple push button operation to control each indoor unit. 


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