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Pallet conveyor technology with robust design

Nord Drivesystems has pushed the boundaries to deliver optimally matched, individually configurable and flexible drive technology. The introduction of this particular drive helps to reduce the number of versions and minimises costs for transporting pallets and cage pallets with roller or chain conveyors.

For simple pallet conveyor technology applications, Nord has developed an efficient drive combination consisting of an asynchronous motor and a Nordac Base frequency inverter.

Managing director for Nord DriveSystems in Australia, Martin Broglia, explains that this drive solution is tailored to the requirements of pallet conveyor technology and boasts a robust design for durability. “This particular solution can be combined with all NORD geared motors and can be extended according to customer specifications,”

“By standardising this solution, we have reduced the number of versions to considerably reduce stock of spare parts. This has also helped to optimise maintenance and reduce costs” Martin continues.

The three-phase asynchronous motor powers up to 1.5 kW and features high overload capacity, solid workmanship and a long service life. The frequency inverters are installed close to the motor and are equipped with an integrated PLC. The freely programmable PLC processes the data from sensors and actuators, provides diagnostic options and communicates with the higher-level controller. A pre-installed software for control, parameterisation and diagnosis is configured for special drive requirements of pallet conveyor technology.

The drive units can be integrated into all common bus systems. The AS interface or I/O interface are especially suitable as a simple and cost oriented solution for communication in pallet conveyor technology. A different bus system can be used without any problems if there are more sophisticated requirements.

“Thanks to advanced R&D and factoring in the needs of our customers, we are pleased to announce that this drive is dependable, flexible and robust as well as service and maintenance friendly. The combination of an asynchronous motor and the NORDAC BASE, NORD has created an application-oriented drive solution for pallet conveyor technology.”


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