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Pacific Sensor Technologies buys-out water meter distributor

Pacific Sensor Technologies has relocated to Victoria after signing an agreement with Milwaukee Meters Australia to purchase to water instrumentation distributor.

The purchase was finalised just before Christmas 2009. Immediately following the purchase of Milwaukee Meters Australia, Pacific Sensor Technologies relocated the business to its new head office situated in Neutron Place, Rowville, Victoria.

Milwaukee Meters Australia is the distributor of goods from Italian company Milwaukee Testers.

The Milwaukee range of water quality instrumentation is world-class and encompasses pocket testers through to bench top meters with advanced software, Pacific Sensor Technologies claims.

Milwaukee Testers has a stable of brand names including Milwaukee, Martini and Sharp.

Milwaukee Meters Australia is now situated in the Pacific Sensor Technologies Distribution Centre (PST-DC) in Melbourne, allowing for streamlined channels of distribution, Pacific Sensor Technologies says.

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