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PACE Zenith Awards 2012: Finalists for Machine Builder

CKAS Mechatronics
CKAS "Cranky" Full Motion Wharf Crane Simulator

CKAS Mechatronics CKAS "Cranky" Full Motion Wharf Crane SimulatorThe CKAS "Cranky" Full Motion Wharf Crane Simulator hardware was developed in house with the resources available to a small engineering innovation company.

For the first time in Australia, trainees can experience a simulator for training Crane Operators on a full motion high fidelity device.

Some key features include full scale replication of a typical cabin, accurate software physics model including four types in one machine as well as full six degree of freedom motion system supplying all the correct cues to properly train crane drivers on the wharf.

Fibre King
Laminator Tray Erector

Fibre King Laminator Tray ErectorThe Tray Erector with Lamination for the Meat Industry is Fibre King's first range of tray forming equipment for meat.

Traditionally, these trays have a double wall, which is folded and glued at the board manufacturer's factory, involving extra cost and reduced production speeds.

The Fibre King Laminator Tray Erector uses a two-stage process to first fold and glue the double wall, then form the tray base, all at the customer's site.

This increases the production speed at the corrugating plant and reduces the cost of the tray.


Intelligent Crane Solution for the Steel Industry

Konecranes Intelligent Crane Solution for the Steel IndustryThe Intelligent Crane solution is a high performance modular system built to maximise safety while minimising downtime and has been introduced by BlueScope Steel.

The purpose was to safeguard deliveries to customers during equipment changeover while optimising ongoing efficiencies.

The modular and energy saving Konecranes SMARTON crane system operates in the coil storage area, loading the coil into processing.

Dispatches total approximately 100,000 tonnes per year, with equipment working 38 hours per week in two shifts.

Service takes place during normal production hours.

MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder

ANCA MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinderThe MX5 CNC tool and cutter grinder was developed to have an increased level of stability and accuracy. The MX5 is targeted at volume endmill producers, but also has the flexibility to manufacture mixed batches.

In the MX series the grinding wheel and spindle is supported in the machine by a huge casting ANCA call the bi-symmetrical gantry.

Evenly straddling the tool centre line, the spindle gantry minimises the effects of thermal growth and provides the rigidity required for producing consistently accurate tools. 

The design also allows the grinding wheel to remain very close to the C axis pivot point. This configuration produces the highest levels of profile accuracy for tools requiring substantial five axis movements, such as corner radius or ballnose endmills.

The MX5 also includes the latest technology AM5000 motion control system offering high speed real time communication between the drive and CNC.

AM5000 consist of an all new servo drive range, infeed power supply, IO modules and CNC hardware. It is the result of an intensive four year long research and development program by ANCA Motion, a member of the ANCA Group.

Ryan Aerospace
Helicrew Helicopter Simulator

Ryan Aerospace Helicrew Helicopter SimulatorRyan Aerospace developed a modular, reconfigurable training device.

The first version was called the Helimod and was a single seat helicopter simulator comprising of the main platform, the seat, the cyclic (joystick) and the pedals.

The system can be made fully immersive with a projection system and the system choose a level of fidelity and aircraft-specific module.

The Kiowa is a military variant of the Bell 206 helicopter and is used to train Australian Army pilots.

The simulator was developed from the ground up and had a much higher level of fidelity as was required by the customer.

This included a replica instrumentation panel with working multi-function displays and GPS.

Sante Fe Jack Up Barge – Automation & Commissioning

SEMF Sante Fe Jack Up Barge – Automation & CommissioningThe Santa Fe Jackup Barge is a 4 leg, hydraulically-operated barge, designed to provide a platform for
construction at sea. The barge was rebuilt at the McConnell Dowell Construction Yard in Batam, Indonesia.

The final fitout and commissioning was performed at Cape Lambert in North West WA by McConnell Dowell. SEMF was commissioned to complete the PLC and SCADA software and commissioning.

A simple PLC with a remote input / output rack is situated on each leg and associated with the hydraulic power pack for each leg.

A linear displacement transducer on the working catch of each leg measured the position of the jacking cylinders and was used to protect both the jacking cylinders and the jacking teeth on each leg from damage.

Similar barges traditional incorporated screw thread type jacking mechanisms however would result in much lower lifting capacities and slower jacking times.

The jacking system employed on the Sante Fe barge allowed much heavier payloads and a faster jacking system. This therefore allowed much heavier ocean work to be undertaken by the barge.

H&H Machine Tools Australia

H&H Machine Tools Australia ULTRA5As part of an international tender, H&H was asked to provide a solution for machining of a large component for Boeing 777 Aircraft for Boeing Aerostructures Australia.

Required was for a large five axis gantry machine for drilling and trimming of very large parts (up to 13m) made from composite materials. The ULTRA5 provides full five axis of freedom movements with very high positioning and contouring accuracy.

All linear axis are driven by linear motors. Due to the lack of any mechanical transmission, very fast machine movements and high positioning accuracy can be achieved, far superior to traditional mechanical solutions.

The two rotary axis, in the milling head, are driven by torque motors without any mechanical transmission.
The spindle, a motor spindle with 24,000 rpm and 55kW of power, ensures due to its smooth running characteristics, excellent part surface finish.

H&H has developed a dust bellow positioned by an actuator that can be programmed to follow the contour of the part to be machined for maximum dust extraction efficiency. An additional dust nozzle, maximises the effectiveness. The dust nozzle is part of the automatic tool changer.

The innovation displayed in this new dawn of Australian manufacturing is much like the approach taken by Austrian company B&R Automation in their quest to differentiate themselves from larger and better known automation companies in Europe.PACE Zenith Awards 2012: Machine Builder category is proudly sponsored by B&R Automation
B&R Automation

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