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PACE welcomes IICA members

I’d like to personally welcome all IICA members who have just joined our newsletter service.

Australia’s process control, instrumentation and automation industries face tremendous opportunities as well as immense challenges. The Institute of Instrumentation Control and Automation Australia (IICA) plays a key role in furthering the aims of our community and addressing many of the issues we face.

With the recently-inked agreement, PACE (Process & Control Engineering) magazine will be the official partner publication for the IICA and will assist the IICA better promote its courses and activities. PACE will also be in a unique position to deliver to its readers additional high quality content, technology reports and white papers contributed by IICA members.

IICA and PACE magazine collaborate to support Australia's process control and automation industries.Each and every member of our community plays a critical role in industries, institutions and enterprises across Australia. The IICA and PACE will collaborate to give the industry a stronger voice and offer a forum for an exchange of ideas as we build on the community’s achievements.

We’d love to hear from you and I encourage you to email the IICA or PACE. Your input and feedback is essential to help us move forward.

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