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PAA accorded international recognition for Profibus training in Australia

The high number of Profibus graduates trained in 2012 has consolidated Profibus Australia’s position as the world’s second highest ranked regional Profibus Training provider (behind the UK) for Certified courses within the Profibus International worldwide network.

Profibus Australia in partnership with the PICC/PITC (Pentair Australia) organises training programmes in major capital cities twice a year (May and November).

The courses include Certified Installer, Certified Engineer, Commissioning & Maintenance and the System Design Course and are conducted by visiting UK Trainer Andy Verwer and local PITC trainers.

A large percentage of the course enrolments are received from engineers and technicians employed by major mining companies in Western Australia and Queensland. Other industries well represented include water & wastewater, food & beverage, cement and manufacturing.

Last year the combined number of Certified Training graduates recorded by the PAA and the PITC included: Certified Installer (100) plus Commissioning & Maintenance (101) and Certified Engineers (13).

"The results are an outstanding achievement for Profibus Australia and reflects the rapid growth in process automation implementation throughout the country," commented Profibus Australia Chairman, Rafael Koenig.

"Considerable physical and financial resources are invested every year by the PAA in planning and promoting these training courses. It’s satisfying to see we are seeing a return on our investment."

To find out why Certified Profibus Training is essential for optimum Profibus performance, check out the short 7 minute video interview with UK Profibus trainer Andy Verwer (interviewed by PAA Secretary Andrew Dummett).


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