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Ozone analyser

The new plumb and play OZ80 Ozone Analyser from Electro-Chemical Devices features a reagent-less design for low operating costs, and offers a choice of three factory calibrated measurement ranges designed to help process and plant engineers achieve accurate measurement with a simple easy-to-install system, according to the company.

Unlike conventional analysers that come with multiple components that must be installed and then require field calibration, this analyser is factory assembled and factory calibrated prior to arriving at the plant. Furthermore, dual range measurement of both Ozone parameters is available via the product’s sensor technology, which keeps ownership costs low by not requiring expensive reagents.

Designed with the company’s T80 Universal Transmitter, the analyser includes a 128×64 pixel display. The standard configuration features two 4-20 mA outputs, three alarm relays and MODBUS RTU. The enclosure is rated to IP65 and is waterproof.

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