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Oz Seals releases new industrial quality PTFE tape for sealing gas pipe lines

Oz Seals has introduced a new range of PTFE tapes designed to provide a leak-free
and reliable sealing solution for gas pipe lines. PTFE tapes are used by
plumbers to seal all hydraulic fluids, water, gas and steam leaks.

Oz Pack 100 Gold is the latest addition to Oz Seals’ range of
multipurpose PTFE tapes. Featuring 10 times the thickness of conventional PTFE
tape, Oz Pack 100 Gold only needs two wraps to seal. Safety is assured with the
tape’s high tensile strength and non-hardening quality.

Oz Pack 100 Gold PTFE tape has three unique properties that make it an essential
repairman’s tool: a high density 100% pure PTFE, easy application and chemically
inert characteristics.

The high density of the tape comes from the use of pure Teflon
particles, providing excellent strength. Being a non-hardening, easily mouldable
sealant tape, Oz Pack 100 Gold tape is easier to install as it won’t slip when
moulding into the thread, remains flexible and can withstand high pressure
during assembly of thread connections.

The chemically inert Oz Pack 100 Gold tape can be applied to any type of
metal or plastic thread. Key benefits of the PTFE tape also include heavy duty,
non-aging and pliable properties; no drip or tear; ability to tightly seal all
kinds of plumbing; and absolutely non-reactive with acids, alkalis, water, salt
water, steam, solvents and gases such as hydrogen, propane, nitrogen, butane
and ammonia.

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