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Oz company signs agreement with Chinese water treatment company

Clean TeQ Holdings has announced that it has signed a Cooperation Framework Agreement with Meili Guotu Ecological and Environmental Research and Design Institute (Meili) for the development and promotion of Clean TeQ’s unique water treatment solutions.

The agreement will focus on promotion and development of Clean TeQ’s water purification technologies in China through joint research projects, incorporation of Clean TeQ’s water treatment solutions in projects designed and implemented by Meili, and the joint promotion of technology solutions.

Meili is a design and research institute founded in 2017 to support the development of environmental technologies and project design. Meili is supported by Shanshui Environment Technology and CITIC Construction and is expected to assist CITIC Construction in the execution of environmental construction projects in China and abroad as part of China’s “One Belt One Road” initiative.

To ensure close cooperation between both parties Martin Wang, Chairman of Meili, will become an advisor to Clean TeQ while Clean TeQ’s founder, Peter Voigt, will join Meili’s global technical advisory committee.

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