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Overseas engineers fill the shortage gaps

Many companies are recruiting increasing numbers of professionals from overseas to fill the gaps caused by the engineering skills shortage. How can they make sure they’re recruiting the best? Recruitment firms can help them to minimise the risks.

If the skills can not be found locally, it only makes sense to source them from wherever they may be available. Last year, the engineering industry saw over 2500 students and professionals from all over the world come to Australia to tackle the increasing demand and take up four year placements. Walker Technical Managing Director, David Walker said that more and more companies were sponsoring migrant workers to come to Australia to accommodate the mining, construction and engineering industries.

“Unfortunately, while it may seem like a great alternative to this problem, firms need to be sure they are undertaking adequate reference checks and research in to international candidates,” Mr Walker said. “Part of our role is to remove this stress as we specifically source top candidates from overseas and ensure they have the capabilities to fit into the Australian workforce,” he said.

Mr Walker suggests that migrants trained in Australia to Australian specifications would most likely be in a far better position to offer the skills that employers require. “Until that happens, Walker Technical takes the burden off clients, leaving us with the responsibility of finding the perfect candidate and ensuring that the employee will be appropriate for the entire four year contract,” he said. The firm takes responsibility for sponsorship and works with their clients in relation to resourcing, relocation, employment and ongoing welfare management.

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