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Origin Energy chief slams CSG critics

Origin Energy managing director Grant King has accused coal seam gas protestors of being ill-informed and unscrupulous in their attacks on the industry.

According to The Australian King yesterday accused CSG critics of misleading the public and driving an “ideologically driven” campaign.

“Continual references to the release of toxic chemicals by opponents of CSG production is simply not informed by the facts and is at best misleading, if not a deliberate misrepresentation,” he said.

King said the controversial “fracking” process was well tested and researched and had been used in Australia since the 1970s and globally since 1948.

He said Origin used ten chemicals in its fracking process, which were found in common household items.

King also reiterated his previous claim that salad dressing had more acetic acid than fracking fluid.

Earlier this week a senate inquiry into CSG made damning findings into the industry’s expansions.

It said governments had given approvals to CSG companies prematurely, and called for a halt to operations in some sensitive areas.

The report said while the CSG industry should not be shut down, its rapid growth needed to be reigned-in until more study was completed.

King said previously it was a “simple lie” to say fossil fuels were more damaging to the environment than renewable energy sources.

[Image: AAP]

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