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Optimised Drive Configuration

Machine builders are constantly looking for ways to improve their machines while reducing costs and complexity. The new Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 527 AC drive from Rockwell Automation can help them achieve these important goals.

The PowerFlex 527 drive is the first AC drive designed to work exclusively with a Logix-based programmable automation controller (PAC). The drive leverages the benefits of the controller capabilities and uses a single software package – Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer – to help simplify machine development and operation.

The PowerFlex 527 drive is a complement to machines using Allen-Bradley CompactLogix, ControlLogix or GuardLogix PACs and Allen-Bradley Kinetix servo drives. The PowerFlex 527 drive uses embedded instructions shared with Kinetix servo drives, providing the same user experience for configuration, programming and control of both types of drives, helping save valuable engineering time.

The PowerFlex 527 drive also offers a low-cost solution for machine applications – such as pumps, fans, and in-feed and out-feed conveyors – that need simple speed control for induction motors. The servo drive handles the more precise motor control operations involving speed, torque and position control.

Premier Integration allows users to seamlessly integrate PowerFlex drives into a Rockwell Automation Integrated Architecture system, reducing the time and tools necessary to configure and program a system. The PowerFlex 527 drive introduces an added level of Premier Integration by using the defined, motion instruction sets within Studio 5000 software for machine control and motor synchronisation.

Once programmed, drive configuration files can be more easily transferred to a new machine without painstaking, line-by-line copying. Additionally, the Allen-Bradley Logix PAC family can automatically detect a replaced drive and download all configuration settings over EtherNet/IP, helping reduce downtime.

The PowerFlex 527 drive uses a standard EtherNet/IP infrastructure and features built-in, dual-port EtherNet/IP functionality. The infrastructure enables networked safety, which helps reduce the hardware, wiring and labour costs associated with implementing a SIL 3/PLe safety solution.

The use of networked safety also reduces panel space and allows access to more diagnostic data on machine safety faults and causes, without requiring contactors or relays.

The PowerFlex 527 drive is the first Allen-Bradley variable frequency drive to offer that capability. The drive also offers an embedded, safe torque off function option for hardwired safety.

The PowerFlex 527 drive is available in five frame sizes, power ratings from 0.4 to 22 kW (0.5 to 30 Hp), and global voltage ratings of 100 to 600V.


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