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Optically enhanced weapons module

Bestech Australia has introduced optically enhanced Weapon Orientation Module – OptoWOM-II developed by Inertial Labs combines technologies of inertial sensors with optical image tracking resulting in a robust and reliable 3DOF orientation module capable of operation in virtually any environment. 

With the addition of optical image tracking, the system is now able to mount directly to a device under measure, and with one known reference direction, can be turned on and operated immediately without any magnetic calibration whatsoever. 

During operation, the device’s magnetometer calibrations are able to be derived on-the-fly allowing for the device to operate with both optical and magnetic heading determination. 

OptoWOM-II works through the use of reference images. A reference image is literally a picture of the horizon in a given direction. Within the reference image the system identifies a constellation of identifiable features. 

Then, from any subsequent image collected by the camera, heading is determined by comparing those images back to the most appropriate reference. 

As long as the system can identify 20 per cent of the features of a previously collected reference, it can provide an accurate assessment of the change in heading. 

Additionally, when the system is operating with good optical data, it uses the information it collects to continuously check results against magnetic heading information and dynamically calibrates the device against magnetic interferences present in the application.

Key features and functionality include:

• Hybrid Inertial Weapon Orientation System 
• Real-time optical and inertial sensors weapon orientation tracking 
• Optically Enhanced, Gyro-Stabilized Slaved Magnetic Heading 
• Advanced, extendable, embedded Kalman Filter based sensor fusion algorithms 
• Embedded calibration on hard and soft iron 
• All solid state components (no moving parts) 
• Full temperature calibration of all sensing elements 
• Environmentally sealed (IP67)

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