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Optical particle monitor for continuous oil condition monitoring

ifm efector introduces a new optical particle monitor designed to assess the degree of cleanliness or level of contamination in fluids such as mineral oils, ester oils and biodegradable oils.

Part of ifm’s condition monitoring systems, the new LDP100 optical particle monitor operates to the light extinction principle. The changes to light intensity of a laser beam caused by particles in the medium flowing through the measurement cell are detected by a photo detector.

Calibrated in accordance with ISO11943, the LDP100 also allows the sample to be monitored to SAE standards with a press of a button.

The luminated back of the LCD display indicates the oil cleanliness level and is divided into sections that show the level of 4, 6, 14 or 21 micron particles within the sample.

Equipped with two quick action Minimess connections, the LDP100 can be mounted in the oil circuit. Being very compact, LDP100 optical particle monitor can even be installed on the high pressure side of a hydraulic powerpack rated to 420 Bar.

Electrically, a stepped analogue output shows the value of all levels of cleanliness with an additional solid state output that can be set to any alarm level. A full CAN output enables history and various data to be extracted and displayed. LDP100 optical particle monitors are also available with an optional colour LED display that can be fully programmed to display this information remotely in a control room or a cabin. The electrical connection is installed using a highly waterproof 8-pole M12-plug.

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