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Operations software gains Australian distribution

Aerospace and aviation reseller, Memko, has signed a contract to distribute Intercim LLC operations management and production operations software solutions in Australia.

Memko, which provides services and products to the aerospace, aviation and defense industry, is the perfect fit for Interim which provides products only for advanced and highly-regulated industries.

Memko will now resell Intercim’s Pertinence Suite powered by Velocity solution in the Asia Pacific region.

“Customers all over the world have benefitted from our solutions, as evident by the recent 100,000 users milestone the company reached. To date, the vast majority of our users have been located in North America and Europe, but we recognise there is a great need for our solutions in the Asia Pacific region and are delighted to have partnered with Memko to assist us in entering that market,” said Intercim president and CEO, John Todd.

Launched in 2007, Memko is a fast developing company with in depth expertise in the aerospace and defense industry. Based in Australia, it offers customers engineering support as well as technology development and implementation assistance.

“Prior to founding Memko, I had the opportunity to work with some of the Pertinence Suite modules,” said Memko founder and director, Miro Miletic.

“I was impressed by its predictive analysis capability, which offers manufacturers a totally new way of understanding and preventing quality defects before they happen, improving yield while decreasing the cost of rework and scrap. In today’s challenging environment where pressure on cost reduction increases everyday, there is a great need to reduce time to market for complex materials. Intercim’s solutions help address this need to detect, and fix, issues before they get too far down the manufacturing line.

“We’re looking forward to working with such a forward-thinking company and representing its products to the Asia Pacific market.”

Pertinence Suite is an end-to-end manufacturing operations solution which supports all Lean, Six Sigma and other process initiatives implemented globally. From simplified process planning and advanced predictive analysis and process execution and quality management, the Pertinence Suite helps customers reach their operational goals in a very short time, according to Intercim.

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