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Open software interface gains acceptance

The XML standard is progressing, with The AutomationML accepting this open and non-proprietary software interface for the interchange of industrial and process control programs.

The XML is administered by PLCopen, and allows user to pick production hardware and software (PLC, PAC, PLM, modelling and simulation software) for virtual design and production simulation. It provides a non-propriety linkage to control systems, an open playing field to lower costs and foster innovation, just as open industrial networks, CAD interchange standards, OPC, and other standards have done. It capitalises on open IEC 61131-3, Safety, Motion Control, and other standards.

The companies Daimler, ABB, KUKA, Rockwell, Siemens, netAllied and Zühlke, together with the University of Karlsruhe and the University of Magdeburg, jointly define and standardize the Automation Markup Language (AutomationML) as an intermediate format for the Digital Factory.

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