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OPC Developers to gather in Germany

The OPC Foundation has released its next generation specification for software application interoperability — The Unified Architecture (UA).

The OPC Foundation Unified Architecture defines secure reliable interoperability for exchanging data and information from the factory floor to the enterprise. The open, cross platform, service oriented architecture builds on and unifies the existing, successfully adopted OPC Foundation interfaces.

UA was developed collaboratively by over thirty OPC vendors. The collaboration also included many other standards consortia that have contributed to the development and have committed to producing UA companion specifications. These companion specifications will describe the standard way to expose and exchange the data and information models defined by these other organizations, utilising UA as the interoperable transport mechanism.

The OPC Foundation will conduct both an OPC UA Developers’ Conference and an OPC UA Developers’ Workshop in Munich, Germany during the week of October 27, 2008.

The purpose of the Developer Conference is to provide an overview of OPC UA technology. The DevCon will answer the question, “What is OPC UA?” The goal of the DevCon is to motivate vendor companies to develop OPC UA products and to motivate end-user companies to use OPC UA products. Seating for this event is limited to 95 participants.

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Who Should Attend?

• Software architects and developers responsible for application integration from the factory floor through the enterprise.

• Manufacturing end-user and system integrator visionaries with a long term view of the future that wish to drive the vendor community toward cost-saving interoperable solutions.

• Product developers and development decision makers from all existing OPC vendors.

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