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Online microbiology analyser

microbiology analyser

AppliTek has announced the EZ-ATP online microbiology analyser, which uses highly sensitive Promega ATP Water Glo reagent to determine microbial pathogen load in water through measurement of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is an essential element in all living cells and organisms, so even the slightest change in ATP levels acts as an early warning system to help access microbial load and the possible presence of dangerous pathogens.

According to the company, the analyser is the first online system able to measure and report ATP levels according to the well-established ASTM D4012 standard for reporting live bacteria. Furthermore, using Promega, the analyser can detect as little as 50 femtograms/ml ATP in 15 minutes, saving time and labour compared to grab sampling and analysis. The partnership leverages the strengths of Applitek as a provider of analytical technology and Promega as a manufacturer of reagents.

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