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Online electrical engineering diplomas for competitive workers

A new ‘online’ Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering from IDC Technologies is now being offered to answer the demand for more advanced training and distance learning courses from currently-employed engineers in competitive times.

The new online diploma was developed due to a recent surge in interest from people working in industry, including engineers and technicians, who are determined to work hard to keep their jobs, said IDC.

“Tough times are here for a while, and many people holding down jobs in industry now look to update and strengthen their CVs in an effort to secure their positions and add value for employers,” said IDC Technologies technical director, Steve Mackay.

“We have now increased our capacity to present more online ‘distance learning’ courses for engineers and technicians.”

IDC Technologies officially-launched the new distance learning Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering yesterday.

The new course was designed for IDC Technologies’ eLearning catalog.

The course is designed to be completed over 18-months, on a part-time basis, and it involves weekly live, interactive webcasts with a senior instructor plus weekly coursework and simulations.

“What sets this course apart is the practical, industry-led nature of the content,” said Mackay.

“We avoid weighty theory because our students, who already have industry experience, want knowledge and skills with immediate relevance to their work.”

According to Mackay, the course is “hard-hitting” and “relevant” for those already working in the electrical engineering industry, and will expand their knowledge of industry placing them above their counterparts in the sector.

IDC Technologies developed the course partly due to evidence from the Asian financial crisis ten years ago that more professionals than usual would enrol in education courses to keep their jobs.

The same trend is already evident today as the world economy hits hard times, coupled with the trend of less skilled workers joining the workforce, said Mackay.

“There is a great shortage of electrical engineering specialists around the world now due to retirement, restructuring and rapid growth in new industries and technologies,” he said.

“If you are thinking of a serious boost for your professional career, this might be just the course you are after.”

IDC Technologies is an endorsed Provider of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) which was formed by the Institution of Electrical Engineers and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers.

For more information about the course and other distance learning subjects offered by IDC Technologies, email or visit the website, and go to eLearning.

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