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Online app to simplify cable design

Clarke & Severn Electronics has developed an online Cable Assembly Builder to simplify the task of designing and building custom cables, cutting out the need for getting quotes and therefore saving time.

Available online at, a user needs to specify the cable, select the length of cable required, choose the connector/s suited to the cable chosen and the quantity you need and the Builder does the rest. It will only offer the connectors suitable for the cable selected and then generate a price, which includes cost of labelling, manufacture and testing and you can process your order straightaway.

The standard delivery time is two weeks from the date of order, but urgent deliveries of up to 10 cables can be completed within days. A surcharge applies.

The builder offers the most common types of coax cable and the appropriate BNC, SMA and N-Type connectors in straight, right-angle and bulkhead options.

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