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On Site Generating Solutions releases new gas brochure

On Site Generating Solutions Pty Ltd has released a new product brochure coverings its offerings in the supply, installation and service of turnkey gas generating systems.

Supplying to Australian companies since 1995, On Site Generating Solutions has updated its Gas Generator Product Brochure detailing to cover its complete range of products.

The brochure covers gas generators for the:

• high purity needs of analytical instruments and laboratory equipment including specially designed systems for LC/MS/MS analysers and API LC/MS/MS analysers; and

• larger nitrogen flow requirements of manufacturing, packaging, storage and other industrial applications.

On Site Generating Solutions offers some leading brands and provides an extensive range of gas generators, the company says.

The Gas Generator Product Brochure is available in hardcopy or email. Email the company by clicking on the ‘Contact This Company’ tag at the bottom of this article.

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