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On-site flange facing machines save costs and downtime this maintenance season

Lightweight flange facing machines from Hydratight are recommended for
the upcoming maintenance season to carry out effective flange facing on-site
even in restricted operating conditions.

Efficient and accurate flange facing and stud repair help maintain the
integrity of piped connections and are a major consideration in keeping plants
running efficiently, safely and in an environment-friendly, leak-free manner
while minimising costs and downtime by accomplishing the task on-site.

Joint integrity specialist Hydratight offers a range of on-site flange
facing machines to meet every requirement efficiently, accurately and with
minimal downtime.

To prevent leakages, the flange surface needs to be completely even and
free of corrosion, rust or wear. Hydratight’s flange facing machines cut only
the corroded or uneven face of the flange, leaving it smooth and ready to
attach a gasket without leakage.

Hydratight Commercial Leader for Australia and New Zealand, Mr Doug
Sangster explains that Hydratight’s durable and remarkably lightweight flange
facing machines display a compact design, making them adaptable to even the
most space-constrained applications.

Hydratight has many years of experience in repairing worn and damaged
flanges and is able to achieve the correct surface finish throughout its flange
facing machine range.

Hydratight’s service covers all types of flange face machining including
flat face, raised face, ring type joints (RTJ), ‘O’ ring grooves, heat
exchanger tube sheets front and back face, compact flanges, specialist hub
connectors, lens ring profiles, counter bores, and weld prep profiles.

Hydratight APAC Leader Mr Dean Jenkins says the flange facing range has
expanded to include even more applications and locations in recent years, with
a strong focus on meeting individual customer needs. Hydratight’s flange facing
machines deliver high efficiency operation combined with equally high specification
and ease of use. The range has been meticulously tested to the highest global
standards to ensure complete compliance.

Hydratight geniSYS II

The Hydratight geniSYS II is a highly portable 4-axis CNC milling
machine capable of accurate removal of cracked or broken studs and precise
refurbishment of damaged threads, without the need for manually controlled
drilling or metal disintegration techniques.

The geniSYS II is entirely computer controlled, providing desired
results in a safe and controlled manner, across a range of bolt extraction and
threading applications including on recirculation pumps, turbine cases, heat
exchangers, motor bases and many more high impact assets. Full CNC operation
allows for accurate and repeatable machining while the motion control command
centre provides the ultimate in performance monitoring and technician safety.

Key features of Hydratight geniSYS II include 17.8 in. (452.1 mm) depth
of cut to handle the most demanding thread and boring applications; 3-axis CNC
control capability to perform bolt extraction and thread refurbishment in a
single set-up; high tolerance profile rails to produce consistent results; all
three axes utilising precision-ground ball screws to provide precise movement
of the mill head; and motion control software providing detailed real-time
feedback on tool positioning and machine operation.

Hydratight’s geniSYS II is available complete with 3-axis mill
assembly, motion control package, all required bits and extensions, and
optional voltage converter, in a single easy-to-deploy, rugged shipping/storage

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