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Olympus Customer Experience Centre in Melbourne gives customers the real deal

The new Olympus
Customer Experience Centre (CEC) in Melbourne is designed to enable customers
to experience the complete range of Olympus products.

The CEC, which
opened early this year at the Olympus Australia headquarters in Melbourne, incorporates
comprehensive training and demonstration facilities, and represents Olympus’
commitment to the development of new technologies, products, and services that
offer the best solutions for its customers.

The Olympus CEC features
a fully functioning integrated operating theatre where customers can gain
hands-on experience of the latest versions of equipment and software. Highlights
of the training theatre include Olympus’ surgical, urology, ENT and energy
products including the world-first, award-winning ENDOEYE FLEX 3D video laparoscope
that provides surgeons with a live 3D image during laparoscopic cases.

A fully functioning
integrated endoscopy room features HD endoscopes, endotherapy products,
endoscopic ultrasound, capsule endoscopy as well as a prototype workstation to
house the endoscopic equipment. All the medical suites have full digital
integration including centralised equipment control, HD video streaming, HD
documentation solutions and one-touch equipment setup.

Demonstration and
training areas have also been provided for other Olympus divisions, including
an integrated microscopy laboratory and a digital camera and audio recording
display allowing customers a truly hands-on experience of the latest products.
Industrial customers will have access to products utilised in non-destructive
testing, remote visual inspection, materials analysis by X-Ray fluorescence,
and high-speed imaging.

Olympus has also set
up the National Service Centre, where cleanroom conditions have been implemented
to disinfect, assess and repair Olympus equipment in-house. A viewing walkway
around its perimeter allows customers to view the highly-skilled work undertaken
to repair their equipment.

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