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Okuma Australia secures robotics distribution agreement

Okuma Australia has secured a distribution
agreement for Australia and New Zealand with Belgium robotics company, Robojob.

The agreement followed a networking seminar with
representatives from Robojob which provided an insight into their world of
manufacturing and the pressures that led them to develop their own robotics
solutions now being sold throughout Europe.

“After researching the markets we found great similarities
between our market in Western Europe and those in Australia and New Zealand,”
said RoboJob CEO, Helmut de Roovere said in a statement.

“In Western Europe we have similarly high labour rates and a
large number of small to medium sized job shops.”

During the discussions between the representatives of Okuma
Australia and RoboJob it was also established that hourly rates for general
machining were similar and the only change was the profit line which was coming
under increasing pressure year on year.

Okuma Australia has campaigned for greater overall
acceptance of automated systems and, where applicable, the use of quality
robotic technology.

From Okuma Japan, the company offers integrated, on-board
production gantry robots and in addition Okuma Australia offers tailor made
stand-alone (floor) robotic solutions. 

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