Oil & Gas: Finalists at the PACE Zenith Awards 2013

These five nominees beat the field to make it to our select list of finalists in the 2013 PACE Zenith Oil & Gas Awards proudly sponsored by AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.

MiT Load Systems

MiT Roof and Wall Bolt Safety Monitoring

Mining practices from extraction to processing and safety have embraced an expanding range of monitoring systems, including NFC (Near Field Communications).

Benefits include energy efficiency, ruggedness, minimal interference and substantial data handling.

One of the most energy efficient NFC platforms are zigbee 2.4GHz systems, but they can be limited to some 32 nodes.

By smart use of unique numbers in each zigbee processor chip, and application of sleep/wakeup cycles, then extended data gathering node life is possible.

MiT Roof and Wall Bolt Safety MonitoringThe MiT Mill Seals (pronounced ‘mighty’) with SAG Mill bolt monitoring was a Zenith Finalist in 2012.

In 2013, the technology has been extended to monitor roof and wall bolts for underground and open cut dynamic safety monitoring, oil and gas pipe flanges, plus infrastructure like dam walls, guy wires, road and rail tunnels integrity with CYAEIP software.

Progressive alarms can respond with CCTV feedback, supported by audio and visual warnings. 


Mini Bulk Service Offering, Mix Onsite

BOC has redefined the delivery of innovative solutions to Australian manufacturing with the roll out of its new Mini Bulk Service Offer and Mix Onsite which is specifically tailored for the welding sector.

This technology improves upon the original system of multiple linked cylinders or "manifold packs", offering economic, production and space-saving advantages.

The system also helps to reduce the risk of handling injuries that are often associated with manually changing over cylinder packs.

BOC Mini Bulk Service OfferingThe Mini Bulk Service Offer makes it easier to manage variable demand.

It also offers significant productivity savings, cost-effective supply, consistent high purity liquid, low filling losses, modest installation costs and increased gas storage in a compact cryogenic liquid vessel.

The Mix Onsite system involves liquid argon and CO2 being delivered by a combination tanker into a range of compact customer argon and CO2 vessels.

A mixing panel is then used to blend argon and CO2 to the required shielding gas specification, with the shielding gas then delivered by pipeline to the required points of use.

Qenos – Altona Olefins

Torque monitoring system for steam-turbine powered cracked-gas compressor 

Qenos Altona OlefinsThe sources of a power loss in a steam-driven cracked-gas compressor train had long been a subject of debate at the Qenos Olefins plant. Was it compressor fouling or turbine inefficiency? It wasn't easy to diagnose with the installed instrumentation.

One proposal was to upgrade the turbine from 7.5 MW to 9 MW at a cost of $2 million. But, an Emerson Industrial Automation Powerlign torquemeter coupling proved that would have been a waste of money.

Installed during one of the system's 8-year shutdowns, the torquemeter showed power losses occurring on the compressor side. The meter also allowed online tuning of the seal gas system on the compressor, reducing the turbine load by 200 KW.

The torquemeter is now being used to monitor steam-turbine fouling issues and process-related compressor fouling for timely activation of online washing.

Ultimately, data collected on the baseline loading of the drivetrain will help determine if the maximum continuous speed rating of the system can be increased. In short, data from the torque meter may reveal more potential in this system than has ever been realised.


ICEBITZZZ ICE3 mobile dry ice production

BOC mobile dry ice productionThe ICEBITZZZ ICE3 was born out of a necessity to provide regional areas, such as expanding mining towns and remote developing communities, with good quality dry ice.

Historically, dry ice has been produced in metropolitan areas and shipped out to regional areas.

Due to the expanse and geography of Australia, this has meant that by the time the dry ice reached its final destination, the integrity of the product had greatly diminished.

The ICEBITZZZ equipment was originally designed for the Scandinavian blasting market. A major challenge for BOC engineers was to develop the technology to fit in with the harsh environmental conditions of the South Pacific as well as make it work in a multitude of industries, including wine, agricultural, logistics. 

The portable design of the ICE3 allowed for speed on installations at remote sites. With ICEBITZZ ICE3, BOC works closely together with leading manufacturers of dry ice equipment, scientific institutions and specialist technicians, enabling the company to deliver uniquely innovative solutions that are tailor-made for optimal results.


Precision on-site milling services help to overcome downtime risk

Hydratight milling servicesEven minor misalignments can translate into big trouble. An error of millimetres can – and has – disabled heavy plant equipment such as feedout conveyors by causing premature wear and major production interruptions.

Conveyor pulleys are one area where precision machining is critical, because if bearings are not flush, torsional stress can and will cut out bearings and interrupt production.

Hydratight's three-axis portable milling machine is capable of travelling and machining in all axis. Three-axis is suitable for onsite machining large and small rectangular areas accurately.

This portable mill can be clamped or bolted directly onto the part being machined or fabricated. Setup jigs and parallel-mounting fixtures can be used to position it in difficult work area conditions.

The tool is designed for rugged onsite machining e.g. milling, drilling and boring applications on jobs previously thought to be impossible without extensive disassembly. The precision ground dovetails with adjustable gibs, to provide accurate travel in all axis.

When used as a facing mill, this milling machine tool will quickly face off pitted or misaligned surfaces, restoring the original condition of the part being machined. Servo power feeds are available for all axes, allowing the application of smooth and consistent power feed throughout the speed range, going forwards and in reverse.

PACE Zenith Awards sponsored by AMSThe 2013 PACE Zenith Oil & Gas Awards are sponsored by AMS Instrumentation & Calibration.
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