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ODVA launches Machinery Initiative

ODVA has launched a Machinery Initiative designed to improve the integration of machinery with the industrial manufacturing ecosystem. Through this initiative, ODVA will develop an open interoperability framework that will help machine builders drive productivity improvements for end users.

ODVA’s open approach to its framework includes alliances with vendor-neutral standards development organisations (SERCOS International and OPC Foundation) to foster cross-collaboration on topics of mutual interest for machinery applications.

Users are increasingly relying on machine builders to provide the functionality needed to integrate machines with overall production processes and the enterprise. Research into the OEM machinery market identified four key areas where focus on an open interoperability framework can provide this functionality.

These areas include machine optimisation – which includes key application areas related to safety, energy and motion – as well as connectivity; information exchange; and device definition and configuration.

Building on the existing collaboration between ODVA and SERCOS International (SI) in the area of functional safety, SI has agreed to participate with ODVA as an alliance partner in its Machinery Initiative.

As a standard development organisation for SCADA systems, the OPC Foundation is keen to participate as an ODVA alliance partner.

Focus on this interoperable framework will provide guidance to machine builders on designing equipment for superior connectivity, helping end user customers access data from their machinery and correlate it with data derived from their control, SCADA and MES systems.

As its first action in its Machinery Initiative, ODVA has formed a task force to identify key milestones to ensure the appropriate input is received from machine builders on the process.

The initiative will encompass technical work by the organisation, as well as workshops with its alliance partners to identify initial areas of cross collaboration.

"End users seek integration and connectivity of their plantwide systems to all their key assets, especially OEM machinery, in order for their production and enterprise applications to measure and better understand what is happening in their manufacturing processes, helping to cut costs and increase productivity," says Craig Resnick, research director, ARC Advisory Group.

"ODVA’s Machinery Initiative will enable end users to access data previously hidden in their machines by eliminating technical barriers.

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