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Objective signs $10 million contract with IBM and Defence

Objective Corporation today announced it has signed a $10 billion contract with IBM and Defence to deliver a key component of the Australian Department of Defence’s End User Compute (EUC) Program. The EUC program is one of several initiatives designed to establish a dependable, secure and integrated Single Information Environment (SIE) to support Defence business and military operations.

The EUC project is a key part of Defence’s $1.9 billion Infrastructure Transformation Program, which will modernise almost every aspect of Defence’s ICT environment and which aims to deliver savings of $20 billion over 10 years.

The contract is worth in excess of $10 million to Objective, split over the 2017 and 2018 financial years, and will see Objective design, build, test and deploy the latest version of the Objective Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution to support all 75,000 users on the Defence PROTECTED network.

IBM’s broader contract includes the deployment of new version of Objective ECM, Microsoft Exchange, Lync and Lotus Notes for deployment on Defence’s new thin client desktop environment, which will be delivered as part of EUC.

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