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Nubian partners with Nirosoft to provide end-to-end water solutions in Australia

Australia's Nubian Water Systems has announced a strategic partnership with Nirosoft.

This partnership is part of Nubian’s strategy to build a facility-centric, end-to-end water solutions company in Australia.

Based in Israel, Nirosoft is an RWL Water Group company and a global provider of water treatment solutions for the industrial, manufacturing, municipal, power and resources sectors.

Nubian Water Systems is an Australian provider of sustainable water solutions to the urban environment, 

Barry Porter, CEO Nubian Water Systems comments on the partnership, “Nubian is now the only company in Australia that can claim to provide total water solutions. We can now take water from its source, optimise its value through recycling, and see it through to its environmentally sustainable discharge.

"Nirosoft is a leader in providing membrane-based water treatment solutions and combining their expertise with Nubian’s leadership in recycling and disinfection will allow us to offer the market a truly unique proposition.”

Owned by The RWL Water Group, a fully integrated holding company founded by Ronald S. Lauder, Nirosoft specialises in the design, manufacturing and operation of advanced water treatment systems.

Nirosoft’s membrane technology is also used to create ultra-pure water, essential to the manufacturing industry, especially in the food & beverage, electrical and pharmaceutical sectors where ultra-pure water is essential in the creation of safe products and consumables.

CEO Nirosoft, Avi Bonibay comments, “We are in the business of providing advanced water treatment solutions wherever they are needed. We feel the best way to bring our solutions to the Australian market is to partner with a local company that has the same ideals and objectives as Nirosoft.”

Gary Zamel, Nubian’s Executive Chairman comments, “Ronald Lauder and I both recognise that there is an urgent need for sustainable water solutions globally and we see an opportunity that managing urban water requires. Nirosoft has a deep and strong understanding of Australia’s water needs and we have the expertise to penetrate the Australian market.

Nirosoft has thousands of systems implemented globally including 30 systems here in Australia. Notably, Australia’s power stations in Cape Preston, the Australian Air Force and the Australian Antarctic Station use Nirosoft technologies.

“We can now say to our customers ‘come to Nubian and tell us what your objectives and challenges are’, whether it’s excess unusable water, not enough water, need for ultra-pure water for manufacturing or green stars for your building – with RWL Water Nirosoft, we can do it,” says Barry Porter.

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