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NSW researchers receive funding to develop search and rescue robots

Robots that can navigate on their own during search and rescue operations and better targeting of cancer tumours are two of the research projects that will receive funding over the next five years.

In NSW, 328 research projects have been selected to receive funding through the Australian Research Council.

Researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney, will use a $320,000 grant to develop technology that will help robots navigate on their own in unknown environments, such as during search and rescue operations.

The University of Sydney will receive a $600,000 grant for an adaptable new linear accelerator for medical radiation research. This will help better target cancer tumours, help develop new medical devices and save lives.

Researchers at the University of New South Wales will receive a $122,000 grant to design new kinds of materials that can be die-castable in bulk, bulk metallic glasses. These unique metallic glasses exhibit mechanical performance superior to existing alloys and have a vast range of commercial applications.

The 328 research projects were announced as part of the Australian Research Council’s 2012 Major Grants Announcement, with $310 million announced for over 1,000 research projects nationwide. Funding will begin in 2012 and be administered over a period of up to five years.

[Image of rescue robot courtesy RoboCup.]

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