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NSW pool equipment maker develops chlorine-free water treatment system

Water treatment and swimming pool equipment manufacturer and distributor Waterco has announced an update on its new Hydroxypure, chlorine-free water treatment system.

Hydroxypure was launched onto the Australian market in December 2013, after it was initially delayed by electrical approvals in Australia.

According to Financial Review, the innovation cost $650,000 to bring to market and is one of Waterco’s biggest projects. The company says it will a become core item as builders and resort owners look for alternatives to chlorine sanitation systems.

In 2014 the focus will be on increasing the system's market share in Australia and New Zealand, and marketing the system to China and Malaysia and to the European market in FY15.

To date, initial sales have been modest due to Hydroxypure’s late release in mid-December; they are running at approximately $100,000, with a sales forecast for FY15 of approximately $2.5 million.

Gold Coast inventor Nick Briscoe designed the system for his son who developed eczema and breathing problems when he swam in the family’s chlorinated pool.

Research work has continued on improving the Hydroxypure system, and to date around $500,000 has been invested in research and development, including ongoing development expenses.

This work has been rewarded, as in FY13 the Hydroxypure system was granted an Australian Innovation Patent. Waterco has applied for global patents for this system. 

Closely linked to the Hydroxypure System is Waterco’s MultiCyclone centrifugal filter which will improve Hydroxypure’s ability to absorb ozone, thus enhancing its performance.

This combination has been granted an Australian Innovation Patent and global patent applications have been submitted.

The company had earlier developed a fibreglass winding machine which is capable of manufacturing the world’s largest fibreglass wound filters.

[Image: Waterco]

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