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NSW Government calls for energy storage proposals

energy storage

The NSW Government is calling for proposals on energy storage for the first round of its Advanced Energy Challenge (AEC).

The challenge is looking to assist projects that will help in the state’s transition to an affordable, reliable, secure and sustainable energy future.

The best proposals will receive government support in the form of access to government, industry and research collaborators, leveraging of government assets, access to government data, opportunities for regulatory waivers and referral to existing funding opportunities.

The government will also co-design and implement the successful proposal.

This first round of the AEC is acting as a pilot; if successful the challenge will run rounds in other energy-related areas such as renewables, smart meters, the Internet of Things and networks.

According to the NSW Government, the objectives of the AEC are:

  1. To support to market the best new technologies or business models that advance our energy systems and markets
  2. To provide a transparent and efficient process to prioritise Government’s scarce resources in supporting innovative non-government proposals
  3. To signal to the world that NSW is the place to be to trial or demonstrate Advanced Energy innovation

Expressions of interest for the first round of the challenge close on 3 February 2017.

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