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North Queensland airport’s clean energy partnership

Cairns Airport will soon be powered by 100 per cent renewable energy through an initiative undertaken by the Queensland state Government.

A landmark agreement between Queensland’s publicly owned energy companies CleanCo, and the North Queensland Airport Group, has seen Cairns and Mackay Airports commit to powering 100 per cent of their land operations with renewable energy by 2025.

Minister for energy and clean economy jobs Mick de Brenni said, “We know that tourists come from around the world to visit the pristine sites of the Far North, and with the tourism industry the biggest employer in the Far North, initiatives that take action on climate are critical.”

CleanCo chief executive officer Tom Metcalfe said, “This collaboration is of great importance to CleanCo and allows Queenslanders to make a direct connection between the renewables we are investing in, the journeys they travel and the airports they visit in beautiful North Queensland.”

“The transition to a low emissions economy is well underway, and this commitment to power Cairns and Mackay Airports with renewable energy is another step forward towards our goal of 75 per cent emissions reduction by 2035,” said Brenni.

This agreement, and other initiatives by the Queensland state Government to decarbonise industry and meet Queensland’s renewable energy targets safeguards the Far North’s $3.2 billion tourism industry, and the jobs that depend on it.

Minister for tourism Michael Healy said, “We know there’s a real global desire for more sustainable, meaningful tourism experiences and this partnership with CleanCo can help propel Queensland to be a world leader and number one destination in that sector.”

As a significant employer in the region, with more than 130 people working across the Cairns and Mackay Airports as part of the North Queensland Airport Group, this agreement supports local tourism jobs and economic growth in the region.

North Queensland Airports chief executive officer Richard Barker said, “Our partnership with CleanCo means 100 per cent of our electricity, and that of tenants, will be powered by renewable energy, placing us on the trajectory to well and truly meet this goal. Investing in good environmental practice is the right thing to do, and vital for long-term business success.”

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